Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh a film made in India is a romantic drama in the Hindi language released in 2019 with its director being Sandeep Vanga. This film is a re-make of Arjun Reddy released in 2017. Kabir Singh was produced by both T-Series and Cine 1. This film stars Kiara Advani and Shahid Kapoor. Kabir Singh plays Kapoor in this film. Kabir goes into self-destruction mode after his girlfriend leaves him.

Like Arjun Reddy, this film starts with a voice-over from the heroes Grandmother although this time she is reciting a Kabir Doha. There are also some geographical changes. This remake is set in Mumbai and Delhi. The storyline has also changed from the original film, as instead of the conflict is the caste system in the society, the Heroines father is offended by Kabir smoking and not being a turban-wearing Sikh.

Kabir Singh began its principal photography in October 2018 and finalised in March 2019. It was released in theatres on 21st June 2019. Kabir Singh got mixed reviews from viewers with most criticism directed for glamorising toxic masculinity and misogyny. However, Kapoor’s execution of the role was highly praised. It sold over ₹379 crores making it the 2nd top-grossing film in Bollywood in 2019.

This film follows Kabir Rajdheer Singh a senior student in a medical school and a topper at the Delhi Medical College struggling with anger management. While at school he becomes smitten with a junior medical student called Preeti Sikka. However, Kabir Singh becomes very possessive of Preeti.

Preeti’s family, on the other hand, is opposed to Preeti relationship and want to marry her off to another person. During his elder brother bachelor party, Kabir gets into a fight with Sikka and his family and does alcohol and drugs and making him pass out for two consecutive days.

When Kabir regains consciousness, he finds Preeti married to another man. His father also kicks him out of their home for causing a disturbance during his brother’s wedding. This makes Kabir go looking for employment which he finds at a top city hospital. However, he turns an alcoholic and womanizer for losing his love Preeti.

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