Total Dhamaal

Total Dhamaal Is an adventure comedy movie released in 2019 in the Hindi Language. It was written, directed and Produced by Kumar Indra. It is also known as Dhamaal 3 a reboot of the film Dhamal and based on a 1963 movie It’s a Mad Mad Mad World. It features a large number of stars including Javed Jaffrey, Arshad Warsi, Riteish Deshmukh, Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor, Gupta Esha and Ajay Devgn. Other stars in the show include Pitobash Tripathy, Johnny Lever, Boman Iran, Manoj Pahwa and Sanjay Mishra.

Dhamaal 3 began production in 2017 with Warsi, Jaffrey and Deshmukh were initially chosen for their parts while Dixit, Kapoor and Devgn got added to the film as well. It started filming in January 2018 and concluded in august 2018. fans got a teaser to the film after a trailer was released on 19th January 2019. The film was not released in Pakistan due to the 14th February Pulwama Attack.

Total Dhamaal was released in theatres on 22nd February 2019 earning over ₹2 billion worldwide in 12 days since its release. It became the top-earning Bollywood movie in 2019 and the top-grossing films from India of all time as it earned ₹1.55 billion domestically.

Total Dhamaal begins differently from both Dhamal prequels. Ajay Devgan playing Guddi and his partner Sanjay Mishra playing Johnny steal ₹500 Million from the police commissioner. As they are loading the cash into a car their partner in crime double-crosses them escaping with the loot. After this incident, viewers are introduced to other characters in the movie. These characters include Bindu Patel, Lallan, Manav Shrivastav, Aditya Shrivastav and Avinash Patel.

After a month has elapsed Pinto who double-crossed his partners and ran away with the money plans to leave India but unfortunately, Johnny and Guddu catch up to him. Pinto boards a private jet which crashes where Guddu and Johnny catch up to him.

Pinto informs them that the money is hidden in Janakpur Zoo and all of them begin their journey to the location. Unfortunately, all of them reach the zoo simultaneously and find the police commissioner has already arrived. All in all, they eliminate Chinnapa Swamy and decide to divide the money into 6 parts.

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